was raised in the Pacific Northwest in the farming community of Colfax Washington. His love for the “building process” began young through the mentoring of his grandfather, Hank Clauson. Hank was a respected project supervisor in Spokane and often took Jamie along as he oversaw his projects, teaching Jamie a strong work ethic and the benefits of a job well done. Jamie began his own construction career spending summers of high school working for Bacon Concrete in Spokane. Upon graduating from Colfax High School in 1988 he attended Western Washington University in Bellingham for three years. It was at the one and only architectural class that WWU provided that Jamie determined that he had a great skill and love of Architecture and the associated trades that aid in the reality of building structures. He then transferred to University of Idaho to attend the College of Art and Architecture, as a bonus, he also met the love of his life and now wife Jill. Summers in college were spent furthering his understanding of the construction industry working as a general construction laborer for Clark and Sons Landscaping, and Tanglefoot Development, after graduating from University of Idaho:



Summer 1995:
Structural Research Company | Spokane, WA
Intern Architect
Fall 1995 - Fall 2001
Bernardo Wills Architects | Spokane, WA
Intern Architect, Hardware & Software Manager
Fall 2001 - 2002
Structural Research Company | Spokane, WA
Project Architect & Construction Manager
Summer 2002 - Summer 2009
Artios - Architecture, Community Design & Development
Project Architect & Manager,

State of Washington License No.: 8237
State of Idaho License No.: AR-985283

NCARB (National Council of Architectural Registration Boards) Certification No.: 67739

17205 N.Brookside Lane
Colbert, WA 99005

(509) 473-9310

Jill has lived in the Pacific Northwest for many years, and has a true appreciation for life in the “Great Northwest” after moving around the country as a young girl. She has a degree in Hospitality Business from Washington State University and currently works part-time as an Event Coordinator for a non-profit company. She is very busy as the mother of our 3 young boys, and is an integral part of B2

Architecture operating as the office manager and general support team for the principal.

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